The Yukigassen Team Canada members represent a group of young community leaders who are excited to come together and represent Canada on the international stage. They will be spending 10 days in Japan representing Canada, and travelling throughout the country to immerse themselves in as much Japanese culture as possible.


Captain Nathan - Nathan is a positivity-packed, adventure loving Canadian who is true born thoroughbred leader. He earned his title as Captain of Team Canada when he achieved victory at the first Canadian National Yukigassen Championships. A huge fan of snowboarding, camper vans, and snowball fighting; Nathan is prepared to take his team to the World Championships in Japan.

Position: Captain/forward
Super Power: Permastoked


Dr. Tyler - This eccentric doctor was the perfect fit to coach team Canada. Dr. Tyler has worked in countries around the world including South Africa, Brazil and Vanuatu. The knowledge he has amassed on his journey will now be focused on moulding Team Canada into World Champions.  While meditating in ice water he created a revolutionary training regime, combining militaristic discipline with the gentle healing of yin yoga. 

Position: Coach/Team Doctor
Super Power: Eccentric Insanity


DT - This pretty-boy brings a light hearted vibration to the team despite his obsession with his flowing locks. His lack of discipline can create some tension between the team members who are focused on the World Championships. DT is down for Yukigassen but is more excited to party and hone his skills at the famous karaoke bars of Japan.

Position: Defense
Super Power: Karaoke


Uncle Tony - Uncle Tony spent most of his childhood in Northern Japan as a foreign exchange student. He watched first hand as Yukigassen grew into the international sensation it has become. This veteran understands more about Yukigassen than any other human in North America. His wisdom will be essential for the team.

Position: Defense
Super Power: Wisdom


The Arm - Since winning the national champions Reid has been working at the batting cages as a pitcher when patrons wanted a 90 mph/hr fast ball.  This well muscled specimen will dominate the snow battle field with his lethal arm that can eliminate Team Canada’s opponents from anywhere on the court. 

Position: Defense
Super Power: The Arm


Squints - Quint is raw, real and loves to charge the snow on his board. This lack of fear makes him the perfect Yukigassen forward ready to charge and gain the strategic advantage of the centre bunker. Team Canada will rely on his natural skill to have a fighting chance at the Yukigassen World Championships. 

Position: Forward
Super Power: Boarding


Dizzler - Yukigassen is literally apart of this wild souls blood, as demonstrated by his back tattoo! When he is not double backflipping on a snowboard he can be found fighting grizzly bears. His reckless approach to life translates into a rare talent in Yukigassen constantly baffling his opponents. 

Position: Forward
Super Power: Party Animal


Chad (Film Crew) - Chad is the artist. His talent with the camera is similar to no other than a realist painter documenting reality with the beautiful strokes of his intuitive vision. He will be filming every moment as Team Canada embarks on their Road to Glory.

Position: Filmer
Super Power: Finding the angles


Landon (Film Crew) - Seemingly born looking through a lens no one captures more poignant footage than Landon. Shooting hours of game tape has allowed Team Canada the ability to hone their craft with the help of his ultra slow motion replays.

Position: Filmer
Super Power: Always get the shot


Nathan Thoen
Dr. Tyler Maltman
David Thomson
Anthony Thoen
Reid Maltman
Quinten Thoen
Chris Dziki
Chad Reynolds
Landon Johnson